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We are committed to offering our customers as many services as possible.  As the state of Minnesota requires licenses for Service companies, Jr Outdoors is right on track with becoming Licensed.  Below you will find our License Numbers and the services they relate to. 

Tree Care Registry

  • License #20143532

Commercial tree care providers, tree trimmers, and employers that direct employees to remove trees, limbs, branches, brush, or shrubs for hire.

Lake Service Provider

  • Permit Valid 2013, 2014, 2015 (expires December 31, 2015)
  • Service Provider
  • Infested Waters
  • Decontamination Site Available (call for details)
  • Infested Waters-

The permittee is authorized (under authority in Minnesota Statutes 84D.11) to transport inboard and inboard-outboard power boats from a designated infested waterbody to the service provider’s address without draining bilge water or removing the drain plugs (in order to minimize the discharge of oil and other liquids that may be in the bilges at the water accesses and into waters of the state). Outboard boats and sailboats must be drained at the water access and drain plugs removed as required by Minnesota Statutes 84D.

  • Service Provider-

This permittee has completed invasive species training provided by the commissioner and passed an examination as required by Minnesota Statutes, Section 84D.108. This permit allows the permittee to provide services installing or placing waterrelated equipment (as defined in Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 84D.01, subd. 18a) in waters of the state and/or removing waterrelated equipment from waters of the state according to the conditions in this permit and the applicable state laws.

Installs or removes water-related equipment or structures from waters of the state for hire. Includes Docks, Lifts, Boats, Irrigation System Equipment, Etc.  Also includes any new water-related equipment and any old water related equipment.  For more information please contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources or visit their website.

Commercial Pesticide Applicator

  • License #20144219
  • Category A (core) & E (Turf and Ornamentals)
  • Valid 3/14/2013 through 12/31/2013

Individuals intending to apply pesticides in Minnesota for hire must be licensed as a commercial pesticide applicator.  This includes fertilizer, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, rodenticides, etc.  Each of which has their own category for licensing.  For more information about pesticides or what is classified as pesticides please contact the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, or the US EPA, you can also visit their website.

Fertilizer License

  • License #20145809
  • Apply Non-Ag Fertilizer
  • Valid 4/22/2013 through 12/31/2013

For more information on licensing follow the links below.